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Oberyn’s Inbox

Oberyn’s Inbox

So that scene in the finale between Cersei and Tywin showcased some great acting, even though all of Cersei’s lines were literally the exact opposite of her character in the book but okay whatever let’s just change her motivations and her entire personality and pretty much everything about her. 

Anonymous asked: I'm so glad you're back.

Thank you :D Even though I’m barely back because I post so infrequently, which I’m really sorry about! My next post will be a new inbox.

I also have a lot of thoughts about the finale…  


… so I’ll be posting something about that, too. 

Anonymous asked: Will you make another ASOIAF inbox? They are so hilarious!

Yes!!! I started a new job recently so I’ve been slammed schedule-wise. But now I’m on vacation, so I’ll have lots of free time! 

Anonymous asked: Lowgarden, i don't know if you've seen the episode yet but I was wondering what you thought about Oberyn's death. I've seen a lot of people state that it was dumb that oberyn lost because he was too prideful or cocky. and I'm not really sure if I agree with that? I think it was more his inability to let go of this 'perfect' vengeance for elia and her children [literally demanding gregor say her name]. which i guess could be pride but it doesn't really fit i think? What do you think?

I just finished watching it! And I wouldn’t really call Oberyn’s death the fault of pride. He didn’t seem to be gloating over Gregor, just ranting in anger in the same way he did in the book. I thought the fight was very true to his character. It was also true to GOT’s “make everything seem awesome until the very last minute” shock value formula, where the viewer was clearly intended to be strung along into thinking that Oberyn would win. So I understand why they wanted to make his defeat come out of nowhere. 

That head-crushing, though… That was painful :(