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Anonymous asked: Where do you think Arya's storyline is going? I just finished reading the books and I'm so worried for her future and everyone always says there are little hints in her storyline that shes going to die...I'm just wondering what your thoughts are! :) I'm so sosos happy you're back!

Thank you :D I’m glad to be back! Even though I’m posting so sporadically, which I apologize for. 

I think that Arya is one of the few safe characters. GRRM has said that she’s one of his favorite characters, and that his wife has forbidden him from killing her off. I can see her dying a metaphorical death, though, if she hasn’t already; “Arya” is almost completely dead, replaced by the Faceless Man (Faceless Girl?) she has become. She can’t fully let go of her past, however, until everyone on her kill list is dead. 

So here’s where I see her storyline going: She becomes a full Faceless Man and makes her way to Westeros, either of her own volition or due to a contract she’s been assigned. At that point, I’m betting that several more people on her list will be dead of unrelated causes (the valonqar gets Cersei, Dunsen and Raff are killed on their way to Maidenpool, and either Ilyn or Meryn are poisoned by Tyene, which leaves one of them alive for Arya). Arya kills the remaining target, and with that can finally move on from her past grudges. 

For bonus points: She somehow encounters Sansa (maybe at King’s Landing, maybe in the Vale), but chooses to pass her by, making the conscious decision to leave House Stark behind. 

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