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Anonymous asked: Now that you're back(and welcome back!), what did you think of GoT's take on the Red Wedding?

Thank you! 

Ah, the Red Wedding… I briefly touched on my biggest issue with it in this post, which is that I felt it prioritized shock value rather than the implications of the event itself. In the book, the RW was kind of brilliant because although it was a shock, it also made perfect sense. Rereading ACOK and ASOS, the foreshadowing leading up to it is incredibly blatant - Dany’s wolf king vision in the HotU, all those secretive letters Roose writes, Patchface’s rhymes, etc. The RW wasn’t a plot twist in the way that Ned’s death was; the RW was a very carefully planned maneuver that we all should have seen coming. 

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Wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t wish you all a happy International Women’s Day! Have a great time listening to this, watching this, and just having an all-around great day. 

To be honest, the biggest problem I have with GOT in comparison to ASOIAF is that the show constantly goes for “shock factor” rather than genuinely good writing. 

They make Talisa pregnant solely for the sake of gutting her at the Red Wedding.

They develop Ros as a character because they wanted her murder to be a surprise. 

They reject Doreah’s previous characterization to throw in that betrayal plot twist.

They have Catelyn kill Walder’s wife instead of his grandson because I guess it’s easier to believe that Walder would react flippantly to the death of a wife rather than that of a grandson? 

They add in the scene of Joffrey forcing Ros to beat Daisy because… we apparently don’t know that he’s evil yet? 

They have Drogo unquestionably rape Daenerys on their wedding night, instead of waiting for her consent, because… of reasons? 

The vast majority of the violence against men on GOT is taken directly from the books (Theon’s torture, Renly’s death, Ned’s death, etc). But the vast majority of violence against women is invented for the show. Which is… weird, to say the least.